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Southwest Division

State-Of-The-Art Water Recycling

At an early age, Vulcan’s Melissa Martinez developed a passion for protecting the environment.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I knew somehow I’d be involved in an environmental field,” said Martinez, who has worked at Vulcan’s Southwest Division for more than 10 years. “Growing up in El Paso and seeing a lot of pollution at the border city, I realized we needed to do something about it. That’s why I’m an environmental specialist here at Vulcan.”

Vulcan shares Melissa’s commitment, especially when it comes to conserving water resources at its facilities. By using the latest technology to capture and recycle stormwater, Vulcan significantly reduces its company-wide water consumption.

Left: Environmental Specialist Melissa Martinez talks with Water Plant Operator Matthew Beavis. Right: Vulcan’s Medina Quarry uses the latest technology to capture and recycle stormwater.

Vulcan’s new Medina Quarry west of San Antonio is home to one of the company’s largest water recycling facilities, where 90 percent of the water is captured and repurposed. That water is used to wash stone and plays an integral part in Vulcan’s dust-control plan that suppresses dust on roadways and equipment.

Left: Melissa Martinez is an Environmental Specialist at Vulcan. Right: Vulcan’s Medina Quarry recycles 90% of the water at the facility.

“It’s very important to protect the environment,” Martinez explained. “Not just for the current generation but for generations to come. It’s very important to follow all the rules and regulations that have been set forth because not only do they protect us, but they protect our future.”