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Supporting the Home Team

The Knippa, Texas Independent School District is all about Vulcan. The high school gymnasium in Knippa is named The Vulcan Center and the school mascot is, what else, a Rockcrusher! “It’s unique, there’s not any mascot like that in Texas,” said Lee Alejanero, Athletic Director.

The Vulcan Materials Company Knippa Quarry is an integral part of the community, which has an estimated population of 695 residents. The Vulcan gym even boasts a student section called The Gravel Pit.

Knippa Basketball Team

The student section in The Vulcan Center gymnasium is called The Gravel Pit.

“We take great pride in their sponsorship. With the mine being here for so long, it’s like a tradition. We take pride in being called the Rockcrushers,” said coach Edmundo Salazar.

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