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Operations Management Trainee Spearheads New Technology

For Luke Rabon, working in the aggregate industry is a family affair.

“My dad’s been in the business for a long time, and I just kind of grew up through it,” said Rabon, who joined Vulcan two years ago after graduating from Texas A&M. “I’ve been in quarries all through my childhood and just kind of wanted to go into that business.”

But unlike his dad, Luke, an Operations Management Trainee who is spearheading an electronic inspections initiative at Vulcan’s Medina plant, operates an iPad in the quarry. 

“We used to do all these inspections on paper,” Rabon explained. “Now, we’re end up getting emails and we’re able to go through and close work orders as they are created.” 

That reduces the paper usage, which aligns with Vulcan’s environmental stewardship goals.

After signing in to the tablet and selecting the equipment or location to review, inspectors like Luke take photos, make videos and provide comments to notify if repairs or updates are needed.

Luke Rabon is an Operations Management Trainee at Vulcan’s Medina facility in Texas.

“I see that technology is a big part going forward and it definitely improves the ability of the plant to produce its maximum potential and to keep everything at its best ability,” said Luke, adding that every day brings something new. “There’s no monotonous day. Everything’s completely crazy every day, crazy in a good way.”